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The Gorgeous Williams Family

Last weekend I can honestly say was one of the best weekends ever! I got to photograph some wonderful people; the highlight of my weekend for sure was getting together with an *old* (I’m not using the term literally) friend, Tammy Williams.  We met in college where we were both members of the  “World Famous” TJC Apache Belles!  As we grew up, moved on; started our own families and careers we found our way back together again, through our love and passion of photography.  We began corresponding several years ago through emails then reconnected again through facebook.. where we’ve shared personal struggles, stories, life and of course… Photography!    After much chatting and planning we decided we needed to meet-up and photograph each others’ families…sounds good to me!  So that is exactly what we did!!!  Tammy and family drove all the way up from good ‘ol Tyler, Texas!  I knew our weekend was going to be fun, but I could never image the true friendship that blossomed with her and her sweet precious family!  We ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Marketplace Grill on Friday night; where we got acquainted again.  Then on Saturday morning we got the opportunity to take pictures of one of Tammy’s dear friend’s two little girls, who drove down from Kansas!  After we left the shoot , Tammy and I got to really have some ‘girl time’ over breakfast.  I think at one point I laughed so hard I thought poor little Tammy was going to get a face full of my breakfast!  Oh… it makes me laugh just thinking about it! (wink, wink)… After breakfast was GO TIME!!!  We went our separate ways to get ready for OUR session!  We met back up where Tammy and Family were staying at Devil’s Den.. If you’ve never been up there in the Fall… you are missing out on some absolutely BREATH-TAKING scenery!  I got to photograph her Lovies first.  She truly has a gorgeous family!! I mean just look at them!  It was my first time to take pictures of another Photographer’s family; and I know I want to do it again!  Looking at the photographs you can see how much love this family has; and being around them it’s evident.  And her baby boys… well.. they sure do LOVE their Mamma!!!  They would just snuggle right up to her…no direction there!  The boys opened up a little more after Breanna chased them around the park and made silly faces behind my back; the pictures really do tell it all.  I am so happy I got this opportunity to photograph, not only another photographer’s family but a dear friend as well.

After their session was over, it was time to photograph the Yocum Family!  It was the very FIRST time we ever had our pictures taken by a TRUE photographer.  Tammy and I share a similar style of photography, so I knew our pictures were going to be awesome and they were, of course, nothing short of AMAZING!  You can check out our family pictures that Tammy took at Clarity Photography’s blog.  Remember if you are a Texas resident… look her up!  Clarity Photography in Tyler, Texas!

I know that we all have regrets in our life… but one thing you will never regret is getting pictures taken with your family.  Having those images of the NOW to look back on when things have changed…is just a gift. I am more than thrilled with the shots she got and I look forward to doing it again!  Thanks again Williams Family for a Glorious weekend!

We have already began planning for another meet-up in the Spring!

Enjoy the slideshow of your Gorgeous Family…

Take care,


by Bobbie

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TammyNovember 21, 2010 - 1:32 am

Oh, Bobbie – we love them all so much! I especially love the ones of me with the boys! It is so rare for me to be photographed with them and it makes my heart sing knowing you were able to freeze this precious time for me. You are a wonderful photographer and friend, I am so happy that we have been able to reconnect and share our families and our joy of photography. I can’t wait to print these, they will be BIG in our living room 🙂 Many, many thanks, and lots of (((((hugs)))))

Can’t wait until this spring! 😉

WyndeeNovember 23, 2010 - 10:26 pm

Those are fantastic pics of Tam, Wes, and the boys!!

MichelleNovember 24, 2010 - 12:01 am

Beautiful family!!!

Angela BraniffNovember 24, 2010 - 7:34 am

Gorgeous family! Those kids are adorable! Great Job!

Nicki CNovember 24, 2010 - 8:06 am

Nice pictures! I love the ones of the 2 boys!

KarinNovember 24, 2010 - 9:23 am

Lovely work!

JulieNovember 24, 2010 - 10:19 am

So nice that you were able to meet up and share such special experiences – family photos! Great shots, beautiful work, and the beautiful family didn’t hurt, I’m sure. 🙂

JulieNovember 24, 2010 - 12:04 pm

Beautiful back lighting. I can see why she loves them.

Jeanette DodsonNovember 24, 2010 - 6:11 pm

Oh Bobbie! They are beautiful! Just love Tammy and her family! She is such a beautiful person and so glad you guys got to do this! I love both pics of your family and hers!

C. CrowderNovember 24, 2010 - 8:29 pm

Fabulous photos!

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