Sarah | West Fork High School Senior Photographer

I am once again playing “blog catch up!” I will catch up… I WILL!! My goal is to get at least 3 blogs a week until I get caught up!  I can do this, I can do this!!!

I would love for you all to meet Sarah T!  She’s such a cute girl!  When I asked her what she likes; she pretty much knew she was a country girl.. very laid back and was up to whatever we decided on.  She took my advice and dressed in layers and had some great color choices.. neutral and bright!  I love it when we can get a few ‘looks’ all in one shoot! Best of both worlds right there!  I am taken back with the breath-taking sunset in these images.. Sarah knows how to make every image perfection!  She took direction so well.  Another thing I really loved about this shoot is how her family was so supportive and got involved!  Her wonderful Mom and Grandma jumped right in to help whenever we needed it.. I am so blessed with such amazing clients; so helpful and so sweet 🙂  Good luck Sarah in all you do in the future… I KNOW whatever you choose; you WILL be successful!

by Bobbie

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