The Young Family | Family Photographer in Northwest Arkansas

We scheduled this session back in the Spring.. Heather wanted to capture Violet’s 6 month session as well as pictures of her adorable family.  Six month session as I’ve said before are so much fun because it seems that babies at this stage/age are so happy and of course Violet was all smiles!  I love how she kept twirling her little tongue while she smiled so big!  We also made sure we got some sibling shots with her beautiful big sister Lilyana.  I must say.. it’s not the easiest thing to get a great shot of a 6 month old and a 20 month old but…WE DID IT!  It’s one of my all time favorite sibling shots!  Oh and just take a look at the very first family image.. I just adore the way Lilyana is holding Violet’s hand!.. Just melt my heart why don’t ya!!

I want to also mention that I think Heather did a great job coordinating the colors of Spring in their outfits.  Remember when planning your family sessions.. think coordinating colors.  Pick a few colors and have everyone wear a variation of them.. It looks best when everyone doesn’t match exactly.. brings so much more dimension and bring the eye to the relationship of the family and not the ‘outfits.’

We had a great time just playing with the kiddos.. some of my favorite images are not posed are not always looking at the camera, they are the ones where the parents are having fun with their babies.. interacting and just ‘being them.’  Now to take a look at this sweet little family!

Want to see Violet’s newborn session?  Click on the link to see it Northwest Arkansas’ Newborn Photographer

by Bobbie

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